Saturday 21 April 2018

Create your Information Tag for Irish Millions Missing Event in Dublin

Even if you are unable 
to physically be at the Millions Missing 
M.E. Awareness Event in Dublin, 
you can be still be represented
and make your voices heard
via our Information Display.

Please send an Information Tag
with some details about yourself 
(or your sister, mother, brother, parent, friend, etc. who lives with M.E.)
 and a photo 
to be displayed 
at the Millions Missing Dublin event 
May 10th, 2018. 

  • We are creating an information display this year instead of the empty shoes display.
  • To involve as many people with M.E. as possible in this year’s event, the organisers would like to invite people with M.E., or their carers, to send us an Information Tag - a brief piece of information about you and your illness, or about the person you are caring for, and a photo too.
  • Your Information Tag will be displayed for others to read at the Dublin Millions Missing event, e.g. TDs, attendees, and passers-by. 
  • The Information Tag will represent you if you cannot attend the event. If you are planning to be there you may also wish to be involved in this idea. The more representation of the M.E. community we have on display the better.


How to make the Information Tag: 

• We would like you or the carer to write a brief piece about yourself or the person with M.E. on an A5 sheet of paper, e.g. name, how long ill, what is missed in life, what difficulties you face having M.E., what changes you would like to see in healthcare, etc. There won’t be a lot of space on an A5 page so please be brief.
A5 size is half A4 size and the dimensions are 5.8" wide by 8.3" long. The tag will be hung in portrait orientation (longways).
• We encourage you to attach a photo of yourself above or below your information piece, as shown in the images. The photo can be any photo you have that you don’t mind giving away. You can send a photo that best represents how unwell you are. Photos like this would best represent the M.E community but are not necessary if you are unable to provide one. An old photo will do.
• The brief piece of information and photo must fit on an A5 page, as shown in the images attached. (A5 is half A4 and is 5.8inches wide by 8.3 inches long)
• Please leave some space around your information piece and photo on the A5 page, as shown in the image saying 'don't write here' on the border spaces, so that we can punch holes and add ribbon for display purposes. (We don’t want to put holes through any of your work!)
• You may hand write your information or type it up, as shown, whatever you like or whatever you are able to do is fine. Writing must be clear so that others can read it.
• Please add the hashtag #millionsmissing somewhere on the page as shown.
• We would like to have all the Information Tags laminated to protect them against any bad weather, and to have them looking well on the display board, so if you can go that one extra step further and can laminate your tag please do.
Post your completed A5 Information Tag for this year's Millions Missing Dublin event to the following address: -

Millions Missing 
C/o 10 Springvale, 
Dublin 16.

or email to

NB: For anyone who can’t make their own tag we encourage you to get a family member, friend, or carer to make one for you so that you can be represented at the Millions Missing event in Dublin. If you don’t have that kind of help and would like a tag made for you, please let us know.

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