Friday, 29 March 2019

Live Broadcast from her Bed - Noreen Murphy who has severe ME speaks with Ray Dolan

Severe ME patient Noreen Murphy did a live broadcast and was interviewed from her bed with Ray Dolan to talk about Severe ME and about other issues regarding ME in Ireland. 

Ray usually does his live feeds from his "Ray Dolan From Mullingar In Mullingar" Facebook page, and did the  broadcast live at 5 from Noreen's bedroom in March 2019. See the interview at the Facebook link here.


Noreen did another interview from her bed with Ray Dolan last year in May 2018 to highlight ME and last year's Visibility Event outside Leinster House, in an effort to raise awareness and get recognition, support, care and treatment from our government, HSE and the Health Minister here.

Back in January 2018 Noreen had a very poignant speech she wrote read out in Leinster House when some members of MEAI attended the AV Room to give a 'Call for Change' presentation on Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) to TDs and other Government Reps.
Here is Noreen's poignant presentation given during the 'Call for Change' Awareness and Educational event at Leinster House here


Sunday, 10 March 2019

Press Conference about ME and Fibromyalgia - MEAI member Christine Fenton speaks about ME

On February 21st 2019, ME and Fibromyalgia patient-advocates attended a press conference in Buswells Hotel, Dublin, organised by Gino Kenny TD and Rachel Lynch of FibroIreland, to call for change for 1000s living in Ireland with these two neglected illnesses. While Fibromyalgia was well represented by Ursula Hakman, Marissa Appel, John Maher and Adrienne Dempsey, ME was represented by Christine Fenton of ME Advocates Ireland (MEAI). Gino Kenny TD hosted the event and Dr Shelagh Wright opened the talks. The press in attendance included RTE and the Irish Times who published reports on the event.

Christine Fenton of ME Advocates Ireland, far left

The press conference was organised as a response to inaction by the Irish Government and the HSE after a call for change to the neglect of ME and Fibro patients was made at a presentation on ME and Fibro in front of TDs and other Government representatives in the Dáil in January 2018 here .
At the follow up press conference in Buswells Hotel patient-advocates explained their own situation with illness and talked about Government inaction and the ongoing lack of support for those living with Fibromyalgia and ME.

Christine Fenton, centre, with members of MEAI & FibroIreland
in the AV Room in Leinster House Jan 2018

Christine Fenton, member of ME Advocates Ireland, was one of those who spoke at the 'Call for Change' presentation in the Dáil last year. Christine made the trip from her home in Sligo to Dublin to highlight the inequalities faced by Irish people with ME here *
As nothing had been done in the last year and despite being very ill, Christine made another trip to Dublin to remind our government about what needs to be done to provide ME patients with more appropriate healthcare. Christine called for much needed change.

Christine Fenton (MEAI) speaking at the press conference

Link to Christine's press conference speech below:-

Christine's Speech

Full Press Conference available on FibroIreland's Facebook page at the following link: -

Full Press Conference on ME and Fibromyalgia

Thanks due to Rachel Lynch and FibroIreland for providing the recording of this event.
Many thanks to Gino Kenny TD and Rachel Lynch of FibroIreland for giving ME Advocates Ireland this opportunity to raise awareness about ME issues.


Other presentations re ME & Fibromyalgia made at the Call for Change event in the AV Room in the Dáil in Jan 2018 below:-

(Joan Byrne's presentation here)

Rachel Lynch & Clodagh Lawlor re Fibromyalgia