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Corina talks about the article about living with ME during Covid-19 restrictions as well as the two year fight with the HSE to gain proper care and PA support 

Christine Fenton was invited to talk about ME by a local radio station in Castlebar, Co Mayo. Christine chatted on CRCfm with Angela Faull on Thursday  Jan 10th, 2019 about ME in general and about her own illness. 

A very clear interview about what M.E. is, how it affects people, especially those severely affected. Including paralyses.  And details about the ME Awareness Protest in Dublin 10th May, and why we are out there.

Interview from her bed- with Ray Dolan to highlight M.E. #MillionsMissing demonstration outside Leinster House Thursday, 10th May, from 11:30 until 2:30 in an effort to get recognition, support, care and treatment from our government, HSE and Health Minister and, of course, to get our GPs taught about M.E.

"On the show Presenters Bernadette Phillips and Stan Phillips spoke with Author Corina Duyn about the 'reality' of living with M.E. and the aftermath of travel. Also about the upcoming M.E. #MillionsMissing Event in Dublin hosted by M.E. Advocates Ireland happening on 10th May which is part of a global campaign for M.E. health and Equality." Also  8th March 2018  & November 2017 reality of M.E. and views of society to disability.

A Mullingar woman has set up an online petition for the drug, Ampligen, to be used to treat people with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. The ME patient says the treatment is available in the US but not in Ireland. Noreen Murphy has been telling Keith Shanley on the Midlands Today Show that she has written numerous letters to the Department of Health.

"I suddenly started losing the use of my legs, my arms...and my body stopped functioning."
Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.) patients - who experience severe, persistent debilitating illness - are holding a protest outside Leinster House today to highlight what they claim is the utter neglect of them in this country.

Moira talks about the upcoming Millions Missing event in Dublin May 2017; about the shoe display that will take place outside the Dáil; and about her own illness.

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