Tuesday 12 May 2020

Reflections on ME through Poetry.

As part of this years’s ME Awareness Day, which for obvious reasons can only proceed online,
and not in person as in previous years,
 we asked three Irish writers to reflect on the poetry by Corina Duyn.

Michael Harding, Sr.Stan and Nuala O’Connor reflect on Corina’s writing and reflect on life with M.E., the Covid-19 situation and hoping to ‘not be left behind’ after life turns to some normality for the majority of people .

The AWARENESS video is about 5 minutes long 

Click HERE for a short video with contributions by Michael Harding, Sr. Stan and Nuala O’Connor reading and reflecting on the writing by Corina Duyn, in aid of ME Awareness Day 2020
(5 minutes)

For individual recording, please see:

Michael Harding on ME Awareness Day

Click HERE to hear three very short poems from ‘Into the Light’ by Corina Duyn, 
read by writer and poet Nuala O’Connor 

Click HERE for some very thoughtful reflections on ME and Corina’s poetry by visionary, and author Sr. Stanislaus Kennedy (Sr. Stan)

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