Thursday, 25 January 2018

About ME Advocates Ireland (MEAI)

ME Advocates Ireland are a non-profit, volunteer group who are fighting for change and recognition of ME in Ireland by promoting greater understanding and awareness of ME in the general public, medical profession and other related services, and by procuring political support for the cause with the aim of bettering conditions for ME patients.

Bring about a National ME Policy/Clinical Guidelines
Adopt the International Consensus Criteria to include Accurate Diagnosis 
Include ME in all Teaching - GPs, Nursing, Social Care
Train Health Professionals - all Acute & PCCC Staff
Gp Awareness - Design Specialist Training Modules for ME
Appoint ME Consultant as National Lead for ME
Clinical Care Pathways - Paediatric & Adult

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Further reading

Awareness Campaign
  • 2017 See Corina Duyn's blog for links to post written for this event, which includes personal stories of life with ME
  • 2018 various post on this MEAI blog. 

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Please note that all data on our blog is for information purposes only. The information provided via our blog does not seek to replace the advice of trained medical practitioners and therefore is not intended to be a substitute for professional doctor/patient face to face diagnosis or medical advice. In no way are any of the suggestions presented within this blogs meant to be a substitute for professional care or attention by a qualified medical practitioner, nor should they be construed as such. You should not disregard your own professional medical adviser’s opinion, or delay in seeking such an opinion, because of something you read or anticipate reading in this blog. ME Advocates Ireland are not responsible for any injury, loss, damage or expense incurred by any individual as a result either directly or indirectly of any information published on this blog.
The ME Advocates Ireland blog is a portal for the dissemination of information on ME. Anything appearing on the blog should not be considered an endorsement or recommendation unless specifically so stated.

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