Monday 29 May 2023

Survey Feedback - The Post Exertional Neuro-immune Exhaustion (PENE) Cardinal Feature in ME

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The Post Exertional Neuro-immune Exhaustion (PENE) Feature in ME

PENE is the cardinal feature of ME according to the International Consensus Criteria and Primer on ME.

PENE is a feature that is synonymous with ME. PENE in ME is a distinct measurable feature related to exhaustion and the nervous and immune systems.

PENE is particular to ME, however we recognise and appreciate that PEM can be used when referring to this cardinal feature in ME, though PEM is common in other illnesses too.

Survey Feedback

Please see the feedback from an informal survey on Post Exertional Neuro-Immune Exhaustion - PENE which we held during ME awareness month 2023 here

Or see the survey feedback divided into shorter parts below

Q1 What words do you use to describe PENE (also referred to as PEM), the response you have after exertion whether physical or mental exertion or in response to a hyper sensitivity stimulus or action, e.g. 'relapse' ?

Q2 What kind of exertion triggers your PENE/PEM?

Q3 Does PENE (also referred to as PEM) happen... straight away or minutes after exertion or hours after exertion or a day or more after exertion?

Q4 How do you avoid PENE (or PEM), the post exertion response/crisis?

Q5 What can you do to recover from PENE, the post exertion response/crisis?

Q6 If you could provide one piece of advice to a person newly diagnosed with ME or to someone who suspects ME what would it be?

More about Post Exertional Neuro-immune Exhaustion (PENE) here

Thanks to everyone who completed the above survey, your support is very much appreciated, your feedback useful for others with ME and for awareness and educational purposes.

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