Monday 16 May 2022

Resource for Hospital Admission/Care Setting - 'My Needs Statement' Template


'My Needs' Templates

Based on HSE’s 'National Guidelines on Accessible Health & Social Care Services' 2014, link here, the 'My Needs' template can be edited to suit you and used during a hospital admission etc when faced with the problem of how to explain ME & ‘My Needs’ to healthcare staff.

What to Do: Open the document, download, edit to suit your needs on your laptop/computer, complete, save, email saved link to any medic or service provider who you would like to give it to, or print out for your healthcare file for hospital admission or other care setting, and/or your file in GP office.

My Needs Statement Template: here

Thanks to MEAI cofounder member Christine Fenton for putting the template together and making it available to others to be used.

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